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  • Total Built Up Area

The size of the house is a significant factor. Larger homes require more materials, labor, and time, resulting in higher costs.

For Example, constructing a 3000 sq. ft. house will likely cost more than a 1500 sq. ft. house with the same specifications.

  • Cost of Materials

The quality and type of materials used significantly impact costs. Premium materials generally cost more than basic ones. The cost of materials has the highest impact on the (per sq ft) rate that is quoted by the builder. The costlier the raw materials, higher is the (per sq ft) rate.

For example, using premium marble for flooring will be more expensive than standard ceramic tiles.

  • Labour Cost:

Availability and skill level of labor can impact construction costs. If a project requires specialised skills, such as intricate designs, large tiles laying, or labour intensive work, the labor costs may be higher.

For example, laying cost of tiles depends on the size of the tile. A smaller format tiles like 2x2 or 2x4 will cost less compared to laying a 4x6 tile or 4x8 tile. Similarly, marble/granite laying cost is higher compared to laying of tiles as the nature of work for marble/granite laying is labour intensive.

  • Location of Site

Construction costs vary based on the locality. The location of site can affect transportation costs for both materials and labor.

For Example, Building in a prime area of Bangalore like J C Road will be more expensive than in the outskirts like Sarjapur Road due to higher transportation cost

  • Current Site Conditions

The condition of the site can affect costs.

Sites with uneven terrain may require more groundwork and leveling.

Sites where the road level is much higher than site level, then additional soil need to be purchased for backfilling resulting in higher costs.

If the site has poor soil quality/loose soil, additional foundation work may be needed to increase stability, increasing costs.

Influence: The condition of the land, soil quality, and any necessary site preparation work can impact costs. Example: If the soil requires extensive stabilization or excavation, additional costs will be incurred for earthmoving equipment and materials.

  • Project Duration

Project Duration: Longer construction periods can result in higher costs due to extended labor therefore increasing the labour cost, equipment, and overhead expenses. Delays can also lead to increased material costs due to inflation where prices rise during the construction period.

  • Designing and Planning

Complex designs may require more skilled labor and materials, increasing overall costs. A house with intricate architectural details will likely be more expensive to build than a simple, straightforward design.

For Example: An Arch Window Costs 3 times more than a regular rectangular widow. The intricate design involves high labour cost and high material wastage to create the design.

Photo of Carpenters carving out an Arch Window in one of our construction sites.

  • Market Inflation/Economic Factors

Economic conditions and inflation rates determines the prices of materials and labor. Example: During times of economic growth, demand for construction materials and labor may increase, leading to higher costs

  • Contingencies/Upgrades

Budgeting for contingencies and potential upgrades during construction can add to the overall cost of house construction. For a hassle free construction experience, I recommend 5%-10% of your budget to be kept aside to tackle any contingencies that may arise or make any upgrades during construction.

  • Cost of Approvals

Obtaining necessary approvals from local authorities will involve fees and can impact the overall budget.


Building permits from BBMP/BMRDA

Temporary BESCOM Connection before starting construction

Permanent BESCOM Connection at the end of construction

BWSSB Connection

Considering these factors and carefully planning for them can help in developing a realistic budget for house construction in Bangalore or any other location. It's crucial to work closely with professionals to estimate costs accurately and minimize the risk of budget overruns. At, our team of professionals meticulously design and plan your dream home ensuring that you get the most accurate estimate and mitigate the risk of budget overruns with our 100% Price Protection Guarantee. Get in touch with us and we'll tell you how can help save cost on your house construction